In the world of globalization, Design Thinking & Innovation is a budding concept that is becoming the fundamental part of any business product development process. The program is designed to create better solutions by evolving critical thinking. The 2-day workshop aims to make executives excel in analyzing the solutions of their problems by making them think about the intersection of users, technology and business while thinking about design. The Design Thinking & Innovation program emphasis on inspiring, ideation, prototyping and centralizing process which focuses on designing a better approach, brainstorming for better methods for users, building up the brand and business model innovation.


Intelligent decision making & algorithms drive business excellence. Companies are experiencing a sensational transformation in their businesses by drawing insights from data in solving business problems & in optimizing various processes. Artificial Intelligence has brought phenomenal changes in almost all areas of business & society, including predicting crime in metropolitan cities, efficient & effective operations in logistics & transportation, detecting fraud while handling customers, managing risk in insurance, managing inventory, predicting patients’ illness, improving customer relationship, creating brand through social media, managing demand in energy sector and so on. Disruptive data-driven models & competences are reshaping the organizational performance in a phenomenal way.


As technology drives business, the fact-based decisions have become inevitable part of success of any business. Business Analytics tools & concepts enable managers & decision makers to see through the data to develop business insights & to take effective decisions. The three-day MDP is designed to provide an overview of Analytics, data exploration techniques & to expose the participants to widely used tools & modelling techniques in business


The Executive Leadership Program equips the participants with decisive skills that are essential to lead their organization through crucial times. These skills include strategic thinking, strategy development and implementation. The basis of the program is to enable leaders to identify problems in advance, evaluate alternative solutions, and achieve the desired goal based on the optimal solution. This program is ideal for individuals who aspire to reach Senior Management and Leadership positions. The various elements included in the program combines updated Management Thinking approaches and real-world applications which aids leaders in leading the company efficiently. It is a known matter that the real world is not a bed of roses. Leaders have to face and overcome adversities on a daily basis. The Executive Leadership Program ensures that the participants undergo such real-life scenarios during the program that enable them to take difficult decisions in their organization.


HR analytics is revolutionizing the way Human Resource functions, and this development has created a huge opportunity for HR professionals to learn the nuances of this field. While the recognition of the practical application of People Analytics in HR management has been recent, the building blocks to perform this have been evolving since decades. Organizations have started using HR Analytics, a people-oriented decision making process.


Negotiation is a vital skill that is present across all industries and verticals. In order to be successful, one must have impeccable negotiation skills regardless of their designation or size of the business. In the corporate world, one is constantly negotiating with seniors, juniors, colleagues, unions, customers, suppliers, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. This happens across all departments and management levels across industries. The field of Negotiations is an art that involves experiential learning with theoretical framework in order to enhance performance. This is a technique that has stood the test of time and can be an asset in one’s corporate skillset. It is particularly helpful in complex situations that involve conflicting interests. The importance of leveraging relationships in a negotiation deal, which is the most vital aspect of negotiations will also be covered in the program.

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