Leveraging Analytics in HR

HR analytics is revolutionizing the way Human Resource functions, creating opportunities for HR professionals to leverage data to explore more critical areas in the function. More and more HR professionals are incorporating analytics into their work to explore more critical areas in the HR function. This is leading to a wide popularity of HR Analytics courses of late. WeSchool’s online HR Analytics certification course helps you visualize and explore HR data using Microsoft Excel, create interactive dashboards, understand key statistical techniques, manage HR metrics reflecting various HR scenarios, hypothesize testing, predict attrition, retention, employee performance, etc. using regression and logistic regression models.

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Why HR Analytics ?

HR analytics is revolutionizing the way Human Resource functions, and this development has created a huge opportunity for HR professionals to learn the nuances in this field. While the recognition of the practical application of People

Analytics in HR management has been recent, the building blocks to perform this have been evolving since decades. Organizations have started using HR Analytics, a people-oriented decision making process, essentially to improve HR functions.

The workshop is designed to enable participants –

Key Program Highlights


Develop a data literacy mindset and thorough understanding of the technology trends in Data Management, Statistics and Analytics.


Get in-depth knowledge and experience of using cutting – edge data driven technologies

Learn data visulisation using machine learning software
Develop hands-on knowledge in various statistical tools & techniques used in documenting & analyzing human resource management issues

Unleash the next wave of digital disruption in the HR Function by measuring HRM results to contribute to decision making.

Course Pedagogy

Live Lectures

Case Studies

Analytical Exercises

Experiential Evalutaion

Live Project Presentations

One - on - One Feedback Sessions

Active Interaction Through Classroom participation

Who Should Attend?

Program Content

Day 1

Session 1: The future of HR

How HR focus area & HR competency will change in the coming year

Duration: 90 Minutes


Session 2: Visualize & Explore HR Data in Microsoft Excel

  • An overview of Data Analytics & HR Analytics
  • Understanding various steps of HR Analytics
  • Understanding various types of HR data
  • Data exploration using Microsoft Excel

Duration: 120 Minutes

Day 2

Session 3: Explore the power of Power BI

  • Dashboard creation in Microsoft Excel
  • Introduction to Power BI

Duration: 120 Minutes


Session 4: Drawing insights from HR data using Descriptive
Analytics the power of Power Bl

  • Data visualization using Power Bl
  • Univariate, bivariate & multivariate distributions
  • Gathering various measures of descriptive statistics
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Duration: 120 Minutes

Day 3

Session 5: Managing HR Metrics

  • Understanding HR metrics across various processes
  • In-depth analysis of recruitment sources
  • Investigation of recruitment cost
  • Measuring Employee Net Promoter Score

Duration: 120 Minutes


Session 6: Hypothesis Testing- the key to HR Decision Making

  • Understanding Business Hypothesis
  • Sampling Technique

Duration: 120 Minutes

Day 4

Session 7: Hypothesis Testing- the key to HR Decision Making

  • Decision making using Hypothesis Testing
  • Computation of t-test & ANOVA

Analyzing Workers’ Efficiency

Training Effectiveness

Intervention on Work-Life-Balance

Analyzing pay discrimination using ANOVA

Decision making using using Chi-square Test

Decision regarding Declining Offers

Duration: 120 Minutes


Session 8: Predicting HR scenarios


Session 9: Implementation of Evidence based HR Decision Making

Introduction to predictive scenarios

Regression Analysis: a key predictive model

Predicting Full Time Employee requirement

Employee Performance: An application of Regression Analysis

Duration: 120 Minutes

Our Clients


Here are some feedback we received from our students who attended our previous HR Analytics Program;

Rajesh - HR Professional

Neeraja - Trainer, LLP Practitioner


Dr. Madhumita Guha Majumder

Professor & Head – Research & Business Analytics

Prof. Dr. Madhumita Guha Majumder, an accomplished professional heads the Department of Business Analytics at WeSchool, Bangalore. She conceptualizes analytics in effective business transformation using Microsoft Excel & other machine learning software. Her core competencies lie in the areas of Data Visualization and Analytical Model Building. She is a keen researcher and is a recipient of ‘Best Paper Award’. She has trained more than 800 professionals in Analytics. She is a member of Computer Society of India and Academy of Management and also serves editorial board of international journals of high repute.

Prof. Subhash Khare

Industry Expert

A Thought leader in Leadership Behaviors with industrial experience of over 35 years in a variety of roles.

Other than being an author, he has also created frameworks and models for Business Stratergy, Big Picture Thinking, Outcome Mindset, Managing Ambiguity, Collaboration etc. Worked extensively on HR Analytics, Digital Behaviors, Business Transformation, Change Management.


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