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Executive Education Management Program (11 Months)

The Executive Education Management Program (EEMP) at WeSchool is a unique opportunity for successful executives to accelerate their potential in preparing for new challenges by infusing advanced knowledge. The challenges in global and
local businesses create a need for exceptional Managers who can deal with complexities and take on greater responsibilities. EEMP program helps develop core business skills and competencies that would equip participants to handle issues involving cross-functional areas. Our program is developed & designed for working executives and delivered by faculty that possesses both academic and industry experience. Our professional mentors allow participants to tailor their
learning journey to suit their specific needs, helping them propel their organization to success.

EEMP facilitates high peer learning as participants from diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences are part of cohort. The participants of the program learn through case studies, discussions, role-plays, simulations & other participant-centred learning tools. They benefit immensely through continuous learning & networking with peers from different backgrounds, during & after the program. The 11-month program compromises of instructions that strengthen business fundamentals, helps identify emerging business trends and encourages individuals in creative ways to think of new perspectives.The program also covers various special workshops including Conflict Management & Resolution, Building High performance Teams, Design Thinking, Management Disruptive Change, Product Design & Management, Business Simulation Games, amongst others. On successful completion of each unit, a ‘Certification in Relevant Unit’ is awarded to each participant. Those completing all the 4 units of the program become eligible for the Executive Eduation Management Program (EEMP) Certificate.


Futuristic Learning

Global Perspective

EEMP Certificate backed by credentials of Welingkar Education

One-to-One Mentorship

High peer learning & Networking

Alumni Status

Access to Career Management Portal (Elevatescape)

Course Sequence

We have an 11-month program that comprises of 128 hours of classroom learning and 60 hours of test coupled, with 80 hours assigned for project work, presentation, evaluation and viva voice. The program will also comprise of special workshops for Design Thinking and Career Transition.


Business Environment | Duration 3 months
  • Managerial Economics (Micro & Macro)
  • Business Law
  • General Commercial Knowledge
  • Corporate Finance
WORKSHOP: 16 Hours
  • Conflict Management, Negotiations Skills & Resolution | 8 Hours Differences are inevitable in a local group having members with different experiences, attitudes and expectations. However, some conflicts can support organizational goals. Indeed, too little conflict may lead to apathy, lack of creativity, indecision and missed-out deadlines. Clashes of ideas about tasks also help in choosing better tasks and projects. These are functional conflicts.
  • Building High Performance Teams | 8 Hours An interactive team building program covering many different team building training practices. In our professional lives, negotiating is a necessary and versatile skill. Whether you’re dealing with colleagues, employees, senior management, prospects, clients or suppliers, you will achieve your goals more often by using powerful, appropriate & effective negotiating strategies & techniques.

These sessions will be conducted for 2 hours once in a month to get deep insights into business from the vast experience of the expert.

SELF LEARNING 24 Hours Faculty will provide background reading material for participants to familiarize themselves with some of the key topics that will be discussed during the sessions. Participants are requested to read the documents before the session. These background readings will be made available on the Learning Management System.


 Functional Knowledge | Duration 3 months


  • Finance, Cost and Management Accounting
  •  Supply Chain
  •  E-Commerce
  • Introduction to Management Sciences (OR)
  • Marketing

WORKSHOP: 16 Hours

  • Managing Disruptive Changes | 8 Hours
    Businesses today function in a VUCA world, global pandemic breakout recently is one such example that no one has foreseen, this has sent organisations back on drawing boards. Incremental growth has made way to disruptive growth. Disruption is the greatest threat and simultaneously the biggest opportunity for any business. While some companies proactively manage this potential risk and leverage it to further grow their business, others fall behind by not acknowledging the deep impact that this type of change might have.

    Participants will be able to understand and respond to a VUCA environment by applying a 10 X mindset. Participants will learn the approach to shift their mindsets from a transactional perspective to a transformational approach in having business conversations. That in turn results in better stakeholder engagement.

  • Emerging Technologies | 8 Hours
    Technology disruption has profound impact on the businesses. It is unimaginable to think of a business without technology adoption. It has transformed many elements of business, viz communication, marketing, decision making, boosting competitive edge, improving customer relationship & experience, and many more. Understanding them is essential to succeed in managing the business as one steps into new decade.




Strategic Perspective | Duration 3 months


  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Lean Management
  • Stake Holder Management
  • Business Analytics

WORKSHOP: 16 Hours

  • Evoking the spirit of Design Thinking & Innovation | 8 Hours
    When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation the success rate for innovation dramatically improves. You don’t have to be a designer to think like one. While learning to be a good designer takes years, you can think like a designer and design the way you lead, manage, create and innovate. A design mindset is not problem-focused, it’s solution focused and action oriented towards creating a preferred future. Design thinking draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning to explore possibilities of what could be, and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user (the customer).
  • Introduction to AI & ML | 8 Hours
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, popularly known as ‘AI’& ML, is the new buzzword one can hear everywhere. In fact, some organizations have already started training their employees on the latest AI & ML skills. While some have moved ahead in the game, other organizations keep data in cartels and teams in silos. In fact, the average enterprise is not ready for what AI&ML is about to demand. AI & ML works best when it brings together data & teams from various disciplines. It also requires structures & skills for human-machine collaboration.




Functional Knowledge | Duration 2 months

WORKSHOP: 30 Hours

Business Simulation Game | 18 Hours

The Businesss Simulation Game is the biggest USP of EEMP. A simulation is an experiential learning exercise in which participants practice the design, implementation, and control of business strategies. They worry about the applications, not the definitions, of business concepts, principles, and methods. Decisions do not occur sequentially but simultaneously and interactively, just as they do in the business world. The objective is to help participants internalize business thought through the practice of business decision making. In marketplace business simulation, participants act as members of top management team and run their own company, struggling with business fundamentals and the interplay between marketing, distribution, manufacturing, human resources, finance, accounting, and team management. They are given control of a simulated business and must manage its operations through several decision cycles. Repeatedly, they must analyze the situation, plan a strategy to improve it and then execute that strategy out into the future. They face great uncertainty from the outside environment and from their own decisions. Incrementally, they will learn to skillfully adjust their strategy as they discover the nature of real-life decisions, including the available options, linkages to other parts of the business, conflicts, tradeoffs, and potential outcomes. It is a highly engaging, entertaining and transformative experience.

Project Design and Management | 12 Hours

With the project, you can create and customize striking graphical reports of whatever project data you want, without having to rely on any other software. As you work on the project, the reports change to reflect the latest info — no manual updates required! The Project Overview report combines graphs and tables to show where each phase of the project stands, upcoming milestones and tasks that are past their due dates. The project provides dozens of reports you can use right away, but you don’t have to let that limit your choices. You can customize the content and the look of any of the reports or build a new one from scratch.


Project work towards the end of the program is a means have hands-on understanding of some of the aspects being learnt as part of the Executive Education Management Program (EEMP). Apply learning at workplace to sharpen your skills & achieve better business results. Learn from Mentors to overcome the executional challenges. Identify the gaps (People/Process/Products) that are hindering your success and go to the root cause, apply your newly acquired skills, and solve them. To provide an opportunity to interact with external agents as a part of the data gathering process.


A mentor shall guide you in the project to overcome the executional challenges. You will have 3 mentoring calls of 1 hour each during the project period. You will discuss the project progress and build the project report and presentation under Mentor’s guidance.

SELF LEARNING | 12 hours

Certificate provided on completion of program

Course Duration

The 11-month program consists of 128 hours classroom learning & 16 hours of test. 80 hours are assigned for project work, presentation, evaluation, and viva voice. The program will have special workshops for:




A Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in any discipline

Minimum 50% passing marks

Minimum 5 years of managerial / professional experience


Classroom Sessions

Case Study Curriculum

Virtual Mentoring

Online Mail Support


The EEMP will focus on Business Environment, Functional Knowledge, Individual and Organizational Competencies as well as Strategic decision-making and perspective.


  • Managerial Economics(Micro & Macro)
  • Business Law
  • General Commercial Knowledge


  • Finance, Cost and
  • Management Accounting
  • Introduction to Management Sciences (OR)
  • Supply Chain
  • Marketing
  • E-Commerce


  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Stake Holder Management
  • Lean Management
  • Business Analytics


  • Project work
  • Project presentation
  • Mentoring
  • Business Simulation Game
  • Project Design & Management

Evaluation by individual faculty at the end of each module.




Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe

Group Director, WeSchool Eisenhower Fellow

Dr. Anil Rao Paila

Senior Dean & Director, Bangalore

Prof. Dr. Madhavi Lokhande

Dean – Bengaluru Campus


Dr. Jai Raj Nair

Professor – IT / System

Prof. Dr. Jai Raj Nair, Professor – IT/Systems, holds a B.Arch. from IISET, Shibpur, PGDBM from IIM, Calcutta and PhD from Symbiosis International University, Pune. He has undergone an FDP program titled ‘Global Colloquium of Participant-Centered Learning’ at Harvard Business School, Boston, USA. He worked for nine years in the industry, prior to joining academia. Currently, he heads the PGDM E Business Program at the Bangalore Campus and was instrumental in taking the program to the next level that includes accreditation and awards. His interests include emerging technologies and business processes.

Prof. Prakash Unakal

Senior Associate Dean- Business Design and Innovation

Prof. Prakash Unakal is Dean – Business Design & Innovation, WeSchool Bangalore. He has a Masters in Design from IIT Mumbai and B. Tech, NIT, Calicut & 28 years of experience in industry & academia with expertise in Product Design, Development, Business Innovation & Management. At WeSchool he has initiated Design Thinking Pedagogy for Management students besides initiating BD Start Inc., WeMarsh, NEEV etc. & Design Thinking Workshops for Corporate Executives. He has mentored over 300 product designers & is a recipient of Linnaeus Palme International Faculty Exchange Scholarship, Malardalen University, Sweden. He has worked across USA for IBM, ATT and eConnect, LA, USA & has also worked as industrial designer in HMT Ltd Bangalore and Prof /Head – Department of Design, MSRSAS, Bangalore

Prof. V. Mohan Chandra

Dean- Business Design

Prof. Mohan Chandra holds a Masters’ Degree in Product Design from the Industrial Design Centre, IIT-Bombay, after Graduation in Industrial Design from NID-Ahmedabad. Spanning thirty-two years in the electronics industry, Mohan worked with Keltron, ER&DC, C-DAC, TCS, and ASL Advanced Systems Ltd, in roles of product designer, technology manager, and business head. He is with Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore since last nine years, earlier as Dean, Business Design and Innovation, and now as Professor Emeritus, Business Design. His is an SMIEEE (USA), MIET (UK), and MACM (USA).

Dr. Savitha G R

Associate Professor – Human Resource

Prof. Dr. Savitha GubbiRamachandra carries with her 18 years of experience in corporate, teaching and research. She is a recipient of prestigious Linnaeus Palme International Faculty Exchange Scholarship for Research at Malardalen University, Sweden and was awarded with AIMS Ramaswamy P. Aiyar Best Young Teacher Award. Prof. Savitha has expertise in building Hi-Pot individuals, developing leadership skills and Sustaining High Performance Teams. She is an empathetic coach and a people transformation specialist. She facilitates Team Building, Leadership & Behavioural Training Programs.

Dr. Madhumita Guha Majumder

Professor – Business Analytics

Prof. Dr. Madhumita Guha Majumder, an accomplished professional heads the Department of Business Analytics at WeSchool, Bangalore. She conceptualizes analytics in effective business transformation using Microsoft Excel & other machine learning software. Her core competencies lie in the areas of Data Visualization and Analytical Model Building. She is a keen researcher and is a recipient of ‘Best Paper Award’. She has trained more than 800 professionals in Analytics. She is a member of Computer Society of India and Academy of Management and also serves editorial board of international journals of high repute.

Dr. D. N . Murthy

Dean – Marketing & Research

Prof. Dr. D.N. Murthy, Professor in Marketing area, has more than 23 years’ experience in Teaching, consulting and research. Post his Ph.D. in Strategic Marketing Management from Bangalore University, he has pursued his Post-Doctoral Research from Fosters Business School, University of Washington, Seattle, USA. He has conducted several MDPs for leading corporates like Apple Inc, Rockwell Automation, Videocon, Emerson engineering among others. He is a regular faculty trainer in the areas of strategic marketing. He has visited prestigious international Universities on academic assignments.

Prof. Jyoti Joshi Pant

Associate Professor – HR

Prof. Jyoti has 16 years of experience as a corporate HR professional & an academician. She has delivered management development programs and consultancy assignments for MNC’s. Jyoti won the Best HR Research Paper Runner-up award in the 20th NHRD National Conference Dec 2016 at Bangalore & Best Paper Presentation Award at the 30th International Research Conference on Business, Economics and Social Sciences IRC 2016 at Singapore. She has worked with Infosys Technologies, Manipal Education and Medical group, NMIMS University and Amrita School of Business.

Mr. T S Sridhar

Assistant Professor – IT

Prof. Sridhar is an IT professional offering over 30 years of multi-functional experience in the IT and BFSI Domain. He has worked in the US for 9+ years with various clients like CITI Bank, Phillips Petroleum Company, etc. Core Competencies: DWH, Process Quality Management Consulting, Project / Program Management, Product development, Vendor Management, Account Management, Knowledge Management, Business Consulting. He has an MBA in Finance and Project Management with a Diploma in Systems Management and a Diploma in Programming from NIIT. He also offers 3 ½ years of teaching experience with Weschool Bangalore.

Prof. D. HEMA

Assistant Professor – Finance

Prof. Dr. Hema Doreswamy holds a Masters in Commerce & Management. She has completed her PhD in Corporate Governance. Dr. Hema is an active researcher & has presented papers at conferences. She has research papers and case publications to her credit in national and international journals. Her research interests include Corporate
Governance, earnings management, financial modelling and valuation. Dr. Hema takes up corporate Training Assignments & has delivered training sessions in reputed companies on the topics of Accounting and Finance.

Prof. Aparna Krishnamoorthy

Assistant Professor – Economics

Prof. Aparna Krishnamoorthy is an economist with a Master’s degree from Georgia State University (USA). Her main focus areas are: Behavioral Economics, Research Methodology, Startups, Startup Ecosystems and Entrepreneurship, Experimental Economics and Public policy. She is involved in a number of research initiatives that include case studies on various Start-ups and her research has been published in IEEE Explore, London School of Economics BSPS proceedings, Forbes-India, Indian Management etc. She is an active proponent of experiential and experimental learning strategies in her teaching and research with particular emphasis on movies, music and multimedia.

Program Fee

The fee for the program is INR 3,25,000 + 18% GST. Early Bird offer INR 1,90,000 + GST.

Payment Schedule

Registration Fee: INR 10,000 + GST

7 Days before commencement: INR 80,000 + GST

7 Days before Unit 1 completion: INR 50,000 + GST

7 Days before Unit 2 completion: INR 50,000 + GST

CHEQUE/DD The payment can be made via a Cheque or DD in the favour of “PRIN. L.N.WELINGKAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH”

Financial Arranagement

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